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Bundles are a lucrative investment product that consists of multiple leveraged financial assets that have literally been ‘bundled’ together. Bundle CFDs offer investors an exciting opportunity because of the numerous assets that are bundled together. Bundles can consist of any type of assets such as forex, stocks, commodities, indices, or even cryptocurrencies. This enables traders to enter a balanced position with a single click.

How Bundles Work

Bundles are an exciting trading product that enables a trader to open risk balanced positions while taking advantage of the built in leverage. Instead of traditional opening and managing multiple trades across different asset classes, Bundles consist of assets that are pre-packaged into a single Bundle. Bundles reduce complexity, increase potential returns and are easy to execute:

Buy a Bundle

Select the Bundle you wish to trade. Each Bundle consists of a group of assets such as cryptos, forex or commodities.

Real-Time Trading

Watch your Bundle in action and view real-time market movements.


At any time, close your position and take profit for your Bundle to ensure maximum ROI.

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